Pet health breakthrough app claims to detect when your dog or cat is sick with 90% accuracy

February 22, 2023

It could be a profound breakthrough in protecting and diagnosing your pet’s health: An app called TTcare, developed in South Korea, supposedly can help to identify—or rule out—specific ailments suffered by your dog or cat using a simple snapshot of its skin and eyes, reports Fox News.

TTcare: AI for Pet Healthcare is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones. All you have to do is answer any questions about which body part of your pet you want to check up on, take a photo with your phone’s camera, and send it in. The app’s artificial intelligence (AI) will analyze the pet’s health status—detecting early abnormal symptoms with 90% accuracy, according to the company.

You also can use the app to join virtual consultations with vets if you have any follow-up questions.

The app is free to download and some of the features on the app are free. However, you will need to subscribe to a membership to get full health checks on, and analysis of, your pet. The free version gives you three free scans. If you wish to sign up for the monthly plan, your first month will be free, and the following months will be $4.99 per month.

There is also an annual plan you can pick, which also gives you a one-month free trial and costs $49.99 for the year (saving you 20%).

The app has received numerous accolades, including being named 2022 Winner of the CES Innovation Awards and being selected for the 2022 Google Startup Program. 

The app could be a great tool for you if your pet is experiencing a minor issue that you feel could be resolved quickly—or it could simply help you detect a major hidden issue more rapidly. With that said, if you have a good relationship with your vet, you should still take your pet to the vet if it is experiencing a serious issue.

Research contact: @FoxNews