Personal connection is preferred to candy on Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2018

A survey released on February 12 by AARP Foundation has found that only one gift really matters this year for Valentine’s Day: making time for others. A large majority (63%) of respondents said that spending time with a romantic partner or with friends or family is the most meaningful way to celebrate the holiday. Just 13% of those surveyed preferred receiving flowers, candy or other gifts.

Eighty-two percent of survey respondents said they would rather spend Valentine’s Day with someone than spend it alone. Non-married adults who are not in a romantic relationship were more likely to feel lonely when thinking about Valentine’s Day. Adults 50 and over were nearly twice as likely to report this status.

According to the survey, feelings about Valentine’s Day are mixed, with 33% saying that they felt “neutral” about the holiday; while 63% expressed positive feelings and 23% expressed negative feelings. Indeed, 27% plan to ignore the holiday and 10% will spend it alone.

The survey found that many respondents are concerned about a loved one feeling alone, with 48 percent noting they have worried about a friend or family member feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day

The survey was released by AARP Foundation in support of Connect2Affect, AARP Foundation’s ongoing effort to build awareness about the impact of loneliness and social isolation, which also includes resources to help people stay connected.

Research contact: @AARPCares

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