People are taking hilariously awkward holiday portraits at JCPenney

December 25, 2023

There are many traditions surrounding the holidays. For those who celebrate Christmas, putting up a tree and decorating the house are two of the most festive events. This season is also a popular time for many families and couples to take holiday portraits. While some may treat this as a formal event, there is an hilarious trend on TikTok that is inspiring people to bond in a different way—by taking awkward portraits at JCPenney, reports My Modern Met.

The #jcpenneyphotoshoot [double-click to see dozens of funny shots on TikTok] involves bringing your loved ones to the department store and reenacting some of the cliches involved with holiday portraits. Many TikTokers arrived in ugly Christmas sweaters, others changed into flannel pajamas at the location, and certain groups strut into the studio in matching denim outfits.

Once they get in front of the camera, however, the real fun begins. In the videos, we see siblings and partners posing in several odd positions, like getting in a line and holding the other person’s waist from the back, or holding someone’s leg.

Although the images are funny enough on their own, the best part about this trend is seeing how much fun the participants have in doing it. Most TikTokers include behind-the-scenes snippets of them preparing for each photo, many times capturing people in the midst of laughter.

Siblings joke about what their mom’s reaction will be to seeing these intentionally strange portraits, and several friend groups prove that the trend can be a great bonding experience as well.

Research contact: @mymodernmet