Peacock signs documentary deals with accused Gilgo Beach murderer’s family, reports say

November 29, 2023

Streaming service Peacock is paying the family of a Manhattan architect accused of killing three women whose remains were found along Gilgo Beach on Long Island to participate in a documentary series about his trial, The New York Times reported on Tuesday, November 28.

According to a later report by Forbes—and follow-up coverage by a slew of publications—the move drew ire from victims’ families as the decades-long mystery was immediately thrust back into the spotlight.

Asa Ellerup—who filed for divorce from longtime husband, alleged Gilgo Beach killer Rex Heuermann, days after he was arrested in July—was recently seen in court with a Peacock film crew, the Times reported, although the streamer has yet to comment on the planned production.

The couple’s two adult children also have reportedly sold their life rights, according to Deadline, and will receive payments for their participation alongside Heuermann’s attorneys.

Ellerup’s lawyer, Robert Macedonio, told the Times that the production will be partially developed by G-Unit, 50 Cent’s production company.

Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney, whose office is prosecuting Heuermann’s case, told the Times that the documentary is “going to affect (Ellerup’s) credibility,” and Rodney Harrison, Suffolk County’s outgoing police commissioner, called it “a smack at the family members who lost a loved one.”

Representatives for NBC and G-Unit did not immediately respond to Forbes’ request for comment Tuesday.

“Disappointed, disgusted, flabbergasted, frustrated are a few words that come to mind right now,” Sherre Gilbert, sister of murder victim Shannan Gilbert, wrote in a post on X about the upcoming documentary. “The way that the media will buy stories to further re-victimize, re-traumatize, and exploit the families & victims of serial killers is evil!”

Research contact: @Forbes