Now, you can buy clothes from Netflix’s ‘Halston,’ including a stunning tie-dye caftan

June 21, 2021

Thanks to the Netflix series Halston,” which follows the tumultuous career of American fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick (known mononymously as Halston), millions of people are re-familiarizing themselves with the iconic brand, Variety reports.

And not just via the Ryan Murphy-produced drama, but with ten-piece capsule collection the American fashion brand just released in partnership with Netflix.

The evening wear collection is inspired by the high-fashion costumes in the show, including the stunning tie-dye caftan that makes an appearance in the first episode. Each dress is an archival piece worn by famous Halstonettes like Liza Minnelli, and are available for pre-order now on the Halston website.

According to Variety,. the designer’s signature chiffon caftan has a cinematic moment in the first episode when Ewan McGregor’s Halston effortlessly wraps the blue fabric around the fashion model-turned-Tiffany’s designer Elsa Peretti’s body to create a stunning silhouette—in the way only a true visionary can.

Now, that same silk dress is reimagined in the new capsule collection, named after the original Halstonette.

Research contact: @Variety

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