Not your dad’s midlife crisis: Motorcycle brand tries to woo new generation of riders

August 11, 2022

Motorcycling is developing an increasingly archaic image. Indeed, in recent years, manufacturers such as Harley-Davidson have reported falling sales amid an aging demographic, reports Adweek.

But now, multinational motorcycle brand Royal Enfield, based in India, wants to change that. Its new global campaign, created by U.K.-based agency New Commercial Arts (NCA), aims to attract a younger, more diverse audience–particularly women.

The campaign more closely resembles a fashion ad than one for a motorcycle company—and it promotes Royal Enfield’s new Hunter 350 model, which targets a younger demographic living in urban environments. The bike is smaller and lighter than many traditional motorcycles and “designed to make you look great on your social posts,” according to the brand. 

In the film, a group of young and stylish Hunter riders gather and traverse the streets of east London, while photographing themselves at each stop. Notably, the cast is diverse and includes female riders, who are largely underrepresented in motorcycling. 

The spot’s soundtrack is Richard Hawley’s 2007 song, “Tonight the Streets Are Ours.” Adriaan Louw directed the film through production company Familia.

Other parts of the campaign—social, digital, and outdoor ads—comprise the photos that the friends captured on their ride.

“Forget about the old guys in their Belstaffs,” NCA co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Ian Heartfield said in a statement. “This is about wearing what you like, standing out from the crowd, looking like you could be on the front cover of a fashion mag—while having the time of your life on two wheels, not four.”

Royal Enfield made its first bike in 1901 and is the oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production.

Research contact: @Adweek