No time like the present?

March 16, 2018

Although being “fully present” and “living in the moment” are gaining popularity among lifestyle gurus, it turns out that many Americans would rather keep moving—toward either the past or future. Nearly three in ten Americans (29%) wish they could travel in time, based on findings of a Marist Poll released on March 14.

And if they cannot possess that particular super power, the 1,033 U.S. adult poll respondents said they would like to:

  • Read people’s minds (20%);
  • Fly (17%);
  • Teleport to other physical spaces (15%), or
  • Become invisible whenever they choose (12%).

Just 5% said they were just fine without a special skill or ability—and 3% said they were unsure.

Looking at the demographics, time travel is the super power of choice for pluralities of white (30%) and Latino (26%) Americans. Similarly, 23% of Latinos would like the ability to teleport.

Among African Americans, the ability to read people’s minds (30%) tops the list, followed by time travel (26%).

Men (36%) also are more likely than women (22%) to select time travel. Among women, nearly one in four (23%) selected mind reading as their power of choice.

Also worth noting: Reading minds is the most mentioned super power among Americans 60 and older (26%). The ability to time travel is number one among those  in the 30 to 44 age group (36%), as well as among those who are 45 to 59 years of age (31%).

Finally, fully 30% of Millennials would like to be able to be able to teleport.

Research contact: @LeeMiringoff

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