NJ man builds 14-foot-tall snow sculpture of Abraham Lincoln in his front yard

February 15, 2021

It’s always fun to celebrate the first major snowstorm of the year by building a snowman. One New Jersey resident, however, has taken things to a whole new level, Fox News reports.

Robert Schott built a 14-foot-tall snow sculpture of the Lincoln Memorial in his front yard in Cranford, CBS New York was the first to broadcast. Since debuting the monumental recreation, Schott’s yard has reportedly become a hotspot for locals.

The sculpture isn’t Schott’s first foray into snow-themed art. In previous years, he’s reportedly wowed his neighbors with ice sculptures of Olaf from “Frozen,” a giant pumpkin, and even Snoopy and his dog house.

“I’m always asked why do I do this,” Schott told CBS New York. “One is I like to create, but I think more importantly is the joy it brings to people that come to see it.”

According to him, “You have to have the weather just right. I have to feel good. I have to be not traveling, not commuting into New York where I normally work. So, everything just aligned to be able to do this, and maybe there was something bigger, beyond me, that allowed it to happen.”

Schott reportedly spent 60 hours working on the project. Fortunately, his hard work has apparently paid off. According to local reports, his neighbors regularly stop by to take pictures and just appreciate the sculpture. It’s apparently not uncommon for people driving by to pull over and take a picture of the snow-Abe.

Research contact: @FoxNews

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