Nike and Tiffany tease one of the year’s biggest sneakers (and it’s only January)

January 31, 2023

Nike gets sneaker collaborations. No. It owns them. The Oregon-based label just knows what the people want. Louis Vuitton. Supreme. Carhartt. Sacai. Off-White. Jacquemus. Ambush. Comme des Garçons. It’s partnered with all the big players. And then some, reports GQ Magazine.

Now, Nike has teased what may well be the collab of the year. This past weekend saw the announcement of a link up with storied jewellery label Tiffany and Co for a brand new Air Force 1 Low. The news broke following rumors of a collab—and leaked imagery of black Nike Air Force Ones with Tiffany blue Swooshes—that began on social media.

Nike’s team was quick to respond to the unprecedented leaks by sharing an image of an expensive-looking Tiffany blue box and the wording “A Legendary Pair” to its own social media accounts. Alexandre Arnault, Tiffany’s executive vice president of product and communications, and Ruba Abu-Nimah, the brand’s creative director, followed suit.

The collaboration marks the first time that Tiffany and Co has joined the footwear game, but it shouldn’t really come as a surprise to long-standing fans. Tiffany has engaged in an increased number of collabs since its 2021 acquisition by LVMH.

Under the leadership of Arnault, and CEO Anthony Ledru, the brand has attempted (and succeeded) to forge itself as a key player in the business of modern luxury. Collaborations with Beyoncé and Jay-Z (their first joint project outside music together), Supreme, Daniel Arsham, Fendi, and Patek Philippe have given Tiffany an increased level of clout. A Nike collab, whatever that may look like, will only increase Tiffany and Co’s cachet.

For Nike, it’s also a clever move. Interest in the jewelry industry is booming. First, men have developed more audacious habits when it comes to shopping for necklaces and rings. Secondly, more brands are getting down with the shiny stuff. Frank Ocean launched his own jewelry label, Homer; while Prada unveiled its first high jewelry collection for the first time at the end of 2022.

Market data company Grand View Research has also reported that the entire industry has a projected 8.5% growth rate that will send its value to a whopping $518 billion by 2030. Naturally, Nike wants in on that. And with Tiffany and Co’s blessing, it has stepped into the market in its own unique way before other brands even got the chance.

Research contact: @GQMagazine