‘Night owls’ dwindle while ‘larks’ surge

December 14, 2017

Self-proclaimed “night owls” are growing extinct, according to results of a recently survey by Civic Science, while those who consider themselves to be “larks” are flourishing.

Over the past year, the number of Americans who self-identify as denizens of the night dropped by 4 percentage points. Conversely, self-appointed early risers increased by 3 percentage points.

Specifically, just one year ago, 52% of Americans considered themselves to be night owls, while only 35% considered themselves morning people. This year, those numbers are 48% and 38%, respectively, according to the polling organization.

But, does that mean that we’re “dumbing down” a little as a society? A study performed by the London School of Economics last year and covered by The Tab suggests that people who are smarter find it easier to follow “novel evolutionary ideas such as stay up later of being nocturnal.”

Looking at a representative sample of Americans, the researchers found that those who were “brighter” woke up 30 minutes later than the “very dull”—although they did not say how they ranked intelligence.

The study also found that parents, Christians, and non-students tended to go to bed earlier.

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