MyLAB Box now offers 16 at-home health-screening tests

March 12, 2021

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been afraid to go to doctors’ offices. As a result, they’ve missed critical health screenings—or have medical issues that have gone untreated.  Indeed, the CDC reports that 4 out of 10 U.S. adults say they have avoided medical care because of concerns related to COVID-19.

To address this problem, in a press release posted on March 11, Los Angeles-based myLAB Box is expanding its brand to focus on total body health. By offering 16 new at-home testing options, myLAB Box allows consumers to take full control of their overall health from the comfort of home. New tests screen for a range of health concerns, from fertility to heart health.

“During 2020, far too many health issues went unscreened and untested. Even though they were protecting themselves from COVID-19, this left far too many people at risk for other ailments,” said myLAB Box CEO and Co-Founder Lora Ivanova. “New testing options allow people to screen for fertility, general wellness, STIs and other issues right from the comfort of home. It’s time we become more proactive with our own health.”

The following are the new tests being offered by myLAB Box:

According to the company, ordering any MyLAB Box test is simple: Order your test online. Complete the easy-to-follow instructions. Send your sample to the lab via the prepaid return envelope. Safe and secure results will be available online within days.

All tests include free 24-hour shipping and telemedicine consultations if purchased directly from the retailer. Consumers who receive a kit from their preferred physician can enjoy seamless support by automatically sharing results with their providers.

Research contact: @myLABBox

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