Mr. Doodle covers all the walls in his signature doodles for Art Basel-Hong Kong

April 10, 2023

The last time British artist Mr. Doodle went viral, he’d spent two years transforming his home into a work of art. Now, he’s taken his signature doodles to Art BaselHong Kong—a contemporary art fair that travels the world (with an event planned for next December in Miami).

While there are traditional canvases, he couldn’t help but doodle the entire booth put together by Pearl Lam Galleries, and the results are incredible, reports My Modern Met.

Mr. Doodle’s work is typically black and white, but here he’s injected the entire rainbow into the installation. The effect is an immersive experience that can’t help but make you smile. While his work is inspired by cartoons and video games, his doodles are also based on his own life. These new pieces follow him, his wife (Mrs. Doodle), and his dog (Doodle Dog) along on a series of adventures through DoodleWorld.

These adventures include a journey to outer space where the duo fights off aliens, as well as quiet moments of joy while the couple awaits the arrival of a baby. By adding these personal touches, Mr. Doodle brings us along with his family and allows us a peek behind the curtain of his real life.

While Art Basel-Hong Kong concluded at the end of March, Mr. Doodle’s work in China isn’t finished. His show, Mr. Doodle in Love, is currently on view until June 18 at the K11 Art Space in Wuhan. The exhibit, which was also arranged by Pearl Lam Galleries, showcases his daily life and love for his wife, Mrs. Doodle.

Research contact: @mymodernmet