Moving away when retiring? Most seniors believe that idea is outdated.

November  6, 2023

Two in five seniors claim they’ll “never” move out of their house. A survey of 2,000 Americans age 65+ found that 49% believe that the idea that people need to move away when they retire is outdated and 41% aren’t planning on leaving their current home any time soon, reports SWNS.

An astounding 95% of respondents either are already retired or plan to do so—and, of those respondents, only 29% already have or will adjust their living arrangements. One-third of those (33%) downsized their space; while others moved closer to family (28%), to a quieter area (28%), or to a warmer climate (25%).

If given the opportunity to relocate anywhere, 29% would head to the Southern United States, while an almost equal amount (27%) would stay where they’re at.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of ClearMatch Medicare, the survey revealed that 75% of seniors would rather live in their own home than move into an assisted living community (11%) or in with family (10%).

The top reasons for staying in their home include being able to care for themselves (73%), liking their independence (72%), and enjoying their home (64%). Others enjoy being familiar with their neighborhood (46%), like their current community (42%), and don’t want to leave family behind (24%).

Beyond that, other seniors would miss their friends (25%), local businesses (16%), and even their doctor (15%).

“Today’s seniors are redefining retirement, and their strong desire to remain in their own homes reflects a shift in what we thought traditional retirement to mean,” reflected Ben Pajak, CEO of ClearMatch Medicare, a part of HealthPlanOne. “The survey results speak volumes about their determination to age in place, emphasizing the importance of independence, familiarity, and community connections.”

Research contact: @SWNS