Republicans think Congressional leaders ‘don’t like’ Trump

November 22, 2017

Never one to keep his thoughts to himself, President Trump last week again blamed Congress for its lack of action on key campaign promises such as repealing Obamacare and building a wall on the southern border—saying they are just “not getting the job done.”

According to a new poll, U.S. Republicans may think that the gridlock within their own party is intentional.

Conducted on behalf of CBS News, the poll reveals that 39% of Republicans believe legislators in their own party “don’t like” Trump and are actively trying to undermine him; while an additional 37% think Congressional Republicans don’t like President Trump “but pretend to,” in order to try to get their agenda passed.

That’s a total 76% of Republicans who believe GOP Congressional leaders do not like the sitting president of their own party.

The poll also finds that a mere 20% of Americans think that Congressional Republicans should “do what the president wants,” because he is their leader.

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