Michigan zoo seeks Christmas tree donations for goat food

January 6, 2021

Christmas is not just for reindeer this year: A Michigan zoo is asking nearby residents to recycle their Christmas trees after the holidays by donating them to its herd of 40 goats.

The Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo in New Era said any trees donated will be given over to their goats, which love to play with them and eat them.

“Animals also suffer from winter blues, so they like anything new and unusual. It’s exciting for them, ”Jenny Ferels, brand ambassador for the zoo, told Fox 17 news last week.

Ferels said Christmas trees are actually a very healthy meal for the animals. “Pine needles have a lot of Vitamin C in them, so they’re getting some vitamins there, and it’s a natural de-wormer for goats too,” she said.

She said goats are uniquely qualified for the job of Christmas tree disposal. “The pokey pine needles, some animals, they can’t handle it, but a goat has a really hard mouth, so they’re able to easily eat the pine needles. They like the taste of the pine needles,” Ferels said.

Ferels said the zoo is asking for donated trees to be left at a drop-off spot in the facility’s front driveway. She asked residents to make sure the trees are cleared of all types of decorations before being donated.

Research contact: @FOX17

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