Medicaid work requirements put 6.3M Americans at risk of losing healthcare

January 16, 2018

On January 11, the Trump administration issued policy guidance that effectively ends Medicaid as Americans now know it— allowing states to place “punitive work requirements” on certain Medicaid recipients, according to the American Center for Progress.

Some states and the Trump administration have opined that the American Healthcare Act (ACA) Medicaid expansion is targeting “able-bodied” adults and seeking to make Medicaid eligibility contingent on work. However, more than seven in ten (70%) of those affected will be either caregivers or in school, the center claims, based on a recent Kaiser Family Foundation briefing paper.

New CAP analysis by Kaiser shows that at least 6.3 million Americans—including students, caregivers, and retirees—could be at risk of losing their healthcare. This includes nearly 640,000 people in the ten states that already have filed for waivers to implement Trump’s plan.

Analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that the majority—60%—of working-age adults who receive Medicaid already are employed. Of those who do not already have a job, more than one-third are ill or disabled.

The American Center for Progress states in a January 12 release, “Although these so-called work requirement policies may seem reasonable at first glance, in practice, they’re a way to strip away health insurance from struggling unemployed and underemployed workers. President Donald Trump’s actions are just the latest shoe to drop in his party’s deeply unpopular crusade to undermine Americans’ health care—including the highly  popular Medicaid program—and come on the heels of a tax cut that rewards the massively wealthy over working Americans.”

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