Many worksites have not established an alert for mass shootings

February 13, 2018

Employees nationwide are being exposed to a high level of risk because security at their companies has not been updated to address current threats, based on a findings of a poll released on February 5 by Rave Mobile Safety.

While 87% of employees reached said they were well aware of fire precautions and drills at their worksites; only 57% said they were prepared for mass shootings, cyber-attacks and other life-altering events, including hazardous material incidents and severe weather alerts, according to the research results, published by Security Magazine.

As the workforce continues to evolve, with a growing number of Millennials and Generation Z employees joining, the way workplace safety is communicated also will need to change, the researchers said.

Indeed, 53% of Millennial respondents said they either were unaware of, or that their workplace lacked, such emergency plans. When compared to respondents age 45 and older, a big discrepancy is revealed.

What’s more, nearly half of the 45 and older age group said that they were “very likely” to report an issue in which they or a co-worker’s safety was in question; whereas only 8% of Millennials said they were “very likely” to make such a report.

In line with this new generation of workers, respondents indicated that a text message was their top preference for receiving alert notifications. However, only 37% of respondents said that their workplace currently has a mass text message notification system in place.

“Currently the top way of notifying employees about an incident that happens while they are in the office is through an intercom system; but when they are remote, they would prefer to be alerted by text message,” Don Aviv, president of global security consulting firm Interfor International, told the magazine. “As the number of Millennial and Generation Z employees rises, and where we work from becomes more fluid, organizations will need to move beyond a loudspeaker announcement to alert employees. Mobility will play a key role in this.”

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