Mane event: White lion at China zoo struts unique mullet-like mane that he styles himself

June 8, 2022

A zoogoer in China recently photographed a white lion rocking a wild hairdo—and the eye-catching look has gone viral, reports People.

Newsweek, was the first to pick up the photo, taken during a May 28 visit to the Guangzhou Zoo. In it, the male lion has a mane that looks like a mullet hairstyle, featuring short bangs in the front and long voluminous pieces of fur falling down the back.

The photos originated from a zoo visitor’s Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu) before spreading across the Internet.

The Guangzhou Zoo denies it styles the white lion’s amazing mane. According to Newsweek, the zoo told the Chinese news outlet Guangdong that the animal’s hairstyle was “taken care of” by the lion himself and that keepers wouldn’t “dare” try to manage the big cat’s mane.

In its statement to Guangdong, the zoo added that the lion’s hairdo is accentuated by the humidity in the area.

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