Malaysian man’s missing phone is located–and it’s loaded with monkey selfies

October 29, 2021

A Malaysia resident whose phone temporarily went missing says that the device turned up in his backyard loaded with new photos—including some selfies snapped by a monkey, BBC reports.

Zackrydz Rodzi, a 20-year-old computer science student, said he believes a monkey came into his house while he was asleep and took his phone outside—where the primate apparently played with the device and snapped some selfie photos and videos. He first noticed that the phone was missing about 11 a.m. on a recent Sunday.

Rodzi said he failed to find any trace of his phone until Sunday afternoon, when his is father noticed a monkey outside their house. On calling his phone again, Rodzi heard ringing from the jungle a few steps beyond the back garden, he said; then discovered the muddied phone on some leaves beneath a palm tree.

His uncle joked that maybe there was a photo in the phone of the thief, he said, so after cleaning it he opened the picture gallery “and boom, it’s full of monkey photos”.

One video appears to show the monkey attempting to put the phone into its mouth.

“Something that you might see once in a century,” Rodzi tweeted.

Photo source: @BBC

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