Macron, U.S. voters want President Trump to back Iran deal

April 26, 2018

France’s President Emmanuel Macron has been making U.S. President Donald Trump “feel the love” during a White House visit this week.

Indeed, Macron, who has been dubbed “The Trump Whisperer,” hopes to influence the POTUS to sign off on a new agreement with Iran that would curb its development of ballistic missiles and contain its involvement in regional wars, in addition to halting its nuclear program, according to an April 24 Bloomberg report.

Public support for the Iran nuclear deal has remained steady, based on findings of a Morning Consult/Politico survey that was fielded ahead of last year’s October 15 deadline for Trump to declare whether the Middle Eastern country is in compliance with the accord’s framework.

In the online poll—conducted in late September among 1,987 registered voters—54% of respondents said they were in favor of the agreement reached in 2015 between former President Barack Obama, Iranian leaders and the heads of six other countries and the European Union to lift economic sanctions against Iran in exchange for its pledge to halt efforts to develop nuclear weapons.

Fully 69% of Democratic voters supported the deal, along with 46% of Independents and 43% of Republicans.

Despite confirmations from Trump administration officials that Tehran is complying with the deal, the president has continued to rail against it, calling it an “embarrassment to the United States.”

Thirty-seven percent of voters said they prefer that Trump recertify the deal, with 34% saying he should decertify it and let Congress decide whether to reimpose sanctions — effectively killing the deal.

At a joint press conference with Macron at the  White House on April 24, Trump commented, “People know my views on the Iran deal. It was a terrible deal …. It’s insane. It’s ridiculous. It should have never been made, but we will be talking about it.”

“We have a common objective, we want to make sure there’s no escalation and no nuclear proliferation in the region. We now need to find the right path forward,” Macron said, through an interpreter.

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