Lonesome widow goose Blossom finds a new mate after humans help her post a personal ad

February 23, 2023

Love is in the air at—of all places—Riverside Cemetery in Marshalltown, Iowa, as a grieving goose named Blossom may finally have found new love after losing her longtime mate, reports the New York Post.

Blossom and Bud, a bonded pair of domestic geese, had been invited to live on the cemetery grounds a few years ago and had become a beloved presence among visitors. But, the happy couple’s love story took a tragic turn last August when Bud died, leaving Blossom alone and heartbroken.

Above, Blossom (left) and her new beau Frankie. (Photo source: Riverside Cemetery)

Since then, the cemetery staff have been doing their best to keep Blossom company, but nothing seemed to fill the void left by Bud’s absence. As the mating season approached, Blossom’s loneliness became more apparent as she began searching for her lost love throughout the cemetery, only to find her own reflection in the process.

Seeing her yearning for companionship, the cemetery staff decided to help Blossom find a new partner. Dorie Tammen, the general manager of Riverside Cemetery, published a personal ad of sorts in hopes of finding Blossom an eligible suitor. “Lonely, widowed domestic goose seeks life partner for companionship and occasional shenanigans,” it read.

Luckily, a local family had a male goose named Frankie, who had also lost his mate and was in need of companionship.

Not long after posting the ad, Tammen was contacted by the family members, who were more than happy to rehome Frankie to Riverside Cemetery. And as fate would have it, Blossom and Frankie were set to meet on Valentine’s Day.

“I’m sure they’ll hit it off,” said Tammen. “It’s in their nature to be drawn to one another.”

The latest update from the cemetery staff is that Blossom and Frankie seem to be getting along quite well: “Blossom has gone in the water for a swim. Frankie’s not havin’ it, but he’s sticking right by her,” the cemetery’s Facebook page reported on Friday morning.

Research contact: @nypost