Llama is brought to a wedding dressed as a groomsman—and steals the spotlight

September 22, 2023

When planning a wedding, inviting the guests is one of the main things on which a a couple must agree. But sometimes, even the most thorough planning can’t foresee whether one of the attendees may steal the spotlight at the party—especially if said guest happened to be a fluffy llama.

Recently, a llama named J joined a wedding in upstate New York, and its uniquely designed tuxedo made him look less like a cute animal and more like a dapper groomsman, reports My Modern Met.

J’s handlers are Llama Adventures, a farm dedicated to “bringing the joy of llamas to everyone.” And what better way to bring joy than with a cute creature dressed up as a party guest? To make it look like J is standing on two feet and elegantly donning a tuxedo, the llama’s costume features a pair of elegantly crossed hands and neatly ironed pants. When viewed from the perfect angle, the llama’s rear becomes hidden, creating the illusion that he is calmly posing for photos, getting smooches from the bridesmaids, and chatting with fellow groomsmen, all while standing like a hybrid human-llama.

As his cool demeanor shows, this is not J’s first rodeo—or wedding, to be more precise. “He also regularly attends birthday parties, nursing homes, school events, etc,” the Llama Adventures team tells My Modern Met. However, being part of Tara and Adam’s wedding as something closer to a best man than a curious critter was truly especial for both his handlers and the guests.

On top of the cool sight of a llama, his visit held a much deeper meaning. “It was the bride’s mother who contacted us about bring a llama to the wedding. It was a surprise for the bride,” Llama Adventures recalls. “Apparently it is her life dream to own a llama farm.” As the pictures show, Tara seems thrilled to share her special day with the llama, not only cheekily posing for family pictures, but even having it stand as part of the groomsmen during the ceremony.

As for the llama—whose full registered name is BC JJ’s Hallelujah—he seems to be having a blast. “J takes it all in stride and enjoys the attention,” his handlers add. “It’s always fun to take J (and/or other llamas) to events. In most cases it’s people’s first up close and personal experience with llamas. As our tag line says, we love sharing the joy of llamas with others. J in particular is a great ambassador.”\

To learn more about J and stay up to date with his party adventures, visit Llama Adventure’s website and follow them on Facebook.

Research contact: @mymodernmet