Letting the cat out of the bag: Bomb squad opens ‘suspicious duffel,’ finds momma cat and kittens

February 23, 2021

The Butler, Ohio, County Bomb Unit was pleasantly surprised on February 18 when officers responded to a call from a church, reporting a suspicious package. When they unzipped the duffel bag with the greatest of caution, they heard purring instead of ticking, People magazine reports.

“There was a momma cat and her six one-day-old babies in a bag,” the Butler County Sheriff’s Office said in a post along with pictures of the cats.

The statement continued, “There was a note left stating ‘Sprinkles’ went into labor yesterday 2/17.”

“Momma and babies are warm, cozy, and fed at the Animal Friends Shelter!!” the sheriff’s office assured. They also included several photos of Sprinkles and her kittens receiving medical care.

Animal Friends typically does “Feline Friday” posts of cats looking to be fostered and adopted on social media. This Friday’s post was dedicated to Sprinkles and her kittens found by the bomb squad.

“Sprinkles and her newborns were immediately brought to Animal Friends for care late Thursday afternoon,” they confirmed. The shelter shared that the animals received “gentle baths when they arrived.”

“Sprinkles, purring throughout it all, received her vaccines and blood test and appears to be in good health. She’s doing a fantastic job nursing and caring for her babies, and all 7 will be placed with their foster family this afternoon,” Animal Friends revealed.

They added, “We will give regular updates on Sprinkles and her kittens as they grow and mature over the next two months.”

The shelter also called for donations for “supplies and medical costs” of pets being taking care of by foster families in the form of money or buying supplies for animals.

“Last year, we provided care to over 1,300 at-risk kittens. This was only possible thanks to support from our community,” Animal Friends wrote.

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