Kwanza Hall wins special election to serve remainder of John Lewis’ term in Congress

December 3, 2020

The remainder of the late U.S. Representative John Lewis’ term will be served by Democrat Kwanza Hall, who won control of the reliably blue seat in a House runoff special election in Georgia on December 1, CNN reports.

Hall, a former Atlanta city councilman, will be sworn in after the election’s results are certified—and will serve for just about a month. He will represent Georgia’s 5th Congressional District until early January, when Representative-elect Nikema Williams takes over control of the seat, which she won in the November general

Although he won’t be in office for long, Hall’s win means he will forever be intertwined with the legacy of Lewis, a civil rights icon and 17-term congressman who died in July. Hall also will have a chance to participate in several upcoming legislative battles, as Congress is set to consider a broad spending bill next week in order to avert a government shutdown, among other business.

Lewis, who served the Atlanta-based district for more than three decades and was viewed “as the conscience of Congress,” was Hall’s friend, neighbor, and mentor.

Lewis’ son, John-Miles Lewis, endorsed Hall in October, calling him the “perfect candidate to complete my father’s term and maintain his legacy, if only for a short time.”

Hall campaigned for the seat vowing to “ensure Lewis’ activism legacy continues” and create a “smooth transition” for Williams, CNN notes.

He received the most votes in September’s special election out of the seven candidates vying for the remainder of Lewis’ term.But because no candidate broke 50% of the vote, Hall and Democrat Robert Franklin advanced to a runoff election weeks later.

Hall will serve until Williams is sworn in for the full two-year term on January 3 along with the rest of the new Congress.

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