Kennedy kin make RFK Jr. disgust official and endorse Biden

April  19, 2024

More than a dozen members of the Kennedy family will officially endorse Joe Biden for president on Wednesday, April 24—forsaking their own family member, Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The family plans to gather with Biden in Philadelphia, where they will make calls and knock on doors on the president’s behalf, reports The Daily Beast.

In addition, according to a draft of Kerry Kennedy’s remarks reviewed by The Daily Beast, she plans to denounce Donald Trump as a threat to America’s “most basic rights and freedoms.”

“We can say today, with no less urgency, that our rights and freedoms are once again in peril,” her prepared comments say. “That is why we all need to come together in a campaign that should unite not only Democrats, but all Americans, including Republicans, and Independents, who believe in what Lincoln called ‘the better angels of our nature.’”

Other members of the Kennedy clan backing Biden include Rory Kennedy, Joe Kennedy III, Ted Kennedy Jr., and Christopher Kennedy.

The family has previously rebuked RFK Jr. for disseminating conspiracy theories. In July, after he suggested that COVID-19 may have be

“My uncle’s comments were hurtful and wrong. I unequivocally condemn what he said,” said Joe Kennedy III, who serves as special envoy to Northern Ireland for economic affairs.

Joe Kennedy II echoed that sentiment, saying in a statement, “Bobby’s comments are morally and factually wrong. They play on antisemitic myths and stoke mistrust of the Chinese. His remarks in no way reflect the words and actions of our father, Robert F. Kennedy.”

RFK Jr. insisted that his remarks were taken out of context and has maintained that the family remains close despite their public dust-ups.

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