January is the least happy month for employees

January 17, 2018

January is the least happy month for employees, based on results of a survey of 2,700 office workers nationwide by the staffing site, Accountemps, released earlier this month.

Indeed, 38% of professionals overall said winter weather has a negative impact on their mood at work—and 26% identified January as the specific month that knocks them cold.

The six cities in which workers feel the most down in the dumps are Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Boston, Indianapolis and Minneapolis.

Interestingly enough, the city where employees feel the most dejected—Pittsburgh— has a higher range of winter temperatures (21̊ F-36̊F) than does Minneapolis, at the bottom of the list (8̊F-24̊F). However, people may “feel in the pits” in the former city because it has fewer sunny days (59) than the latter (95).

By contrast, professionals in milder climates— such as Phoenix, Miami, San Diego, Austin, a, Los Angeles and Houston—said winter weather has a positive effect on their state of mind at work.

The outlier is New York City, where nearly one in three employees (29%) report high spirits despite low temperatures and carry this enthusiasm to their jobs.

“Winter doldrums are a reality at work in some cities, often due to colder weather, fewer hours of daylight and holiday festivities ending,” said Michael Steinitz, executive director of Accountemps. “Employers can do their part to lift morale by fostering a collaborative, engaging and supportive office culture year-round.”

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