Jabra unveils research on the sounds we’ve missed most during lockdown

June 25, 2021

 Jabra, a Danish brand specializing in audio equipment and teleconferencing, has unveiled a new research report that pinpoints which sounds people worldwide missed the most during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Respondents overwhelming missed the sounds of social activities, the study found, according to a release posted on PR Newswire.

Indeed, the top five sounds that respondents missed include the following:

  1. Live music at concert (65%)
  2. Splashing and laughter around a swimming pool (60%)
  3. Cutlery and dinner noises at a restaurant (58%)
  4. Theatre applause (56%)
  5. Bar/pub noises (53%)

However, just 31% of participants overall said they missed the sounds of the gym—with those in the UK being particularly averse (only 20% of Britons yearned for gym sounds).

Europeans as a group craved live music the most—with 77% in Italy placing it at number one; 73% in Spain; and 68%, in Germany. In fact, the research found that music is the sound and experience missed most everywhere but in the United States; where respondents put the sound of splashing and laughter at a swimming pool at the top of the list (74%).

The past year has been a trying one, but has given most people a greater appreciation for the smaller things in life, and this is reflected in some of the sounds people have been missing. It’s no surprise that the sounds of the beach and the sea were high on most people’s lists, in addition to the sound of nightlife and crowds cheering at sports events.

Interestingly enough, sounds that previously would have gone unnoticed now appear to coveted—including children playing in schoolyards, the noise of traffic,

Others missed the real-life voices of their family and friends, the tune of ‘Happy Birthday,’ or the simple request to “give me a hug.”

Research contact: @PRNewswire 

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