Italy will pay you over $15,000 to move to the island of Sardinia

September 16, 2022

Italy is a dream destination for many people. Between the stunning landscapes and the long history of art and culture, there is a lot to appreciate in this small European country. And while most people plan on only visiting, there are increasing opportunities to move to certain regions. Not only that, but the Italian government is even paying people to relocate, reports My Modern Met.

 One of the most recent initiatives is aiming to encourage workers and families to settle on the beautiful island of Sardinia, which is just off the west coast of Italy. Like many other parts of the country, Sardinia is suffering from a shrinking population and weak economy, so the government is using a total of about US$44 million to distribute to those willing to move to the idyllic island.

 Of course, this attractive offer comes with some requirements. In order to receive the maximum grant of €15,000 (about US$15,195), applicants must be willing to transfer to a rural municipality with fewer than 3,000 inhabitants and live there full-time—this is intended to deter wealthy buyers from taking advantage of the scheme to create luxury holiday houses.

 Furthermore, the money must be used to purchase and renovate a Sardinian home—and the recipients of the funds have to register their residency in Sardinia within 18 months of their arrival.

 The hope is that more workers will be enticed to move to Sardinia and bolster the economy by filling needed occupations and starting small businesses.

“Thanks to the contributions to their first houses,” says Sardinian President Christian Solinas, “this is strengthened and becomes fertile ground for those who will move there or decide to build a family. There can be no growth without a real enhancement of the territories, of the interior and most disadvantaged areas, which must pass through new policies for their repopulation.”

 Research contact: @mymodernmet