Is that Fido on Facebook?

December 18, 2017

Who is more popular on social media—your pet or you? Data released on December 4 by Connecticut-based PetCare TV, an educational TV website for “America’s pet parents,” finds that 10% of dog and cat owners nationwide have set up a site on Facebook, Instagram or another Internet app to celebrate the wisdom, wackiness and beauty of their four-legged friends.

Indeed, based on the results of a recent Daily Mail UK survey of animal lovers:

  • 80% of respondents think their pets can sense their moods;
  • 65% admit that their dog is their best friend in the world;
  • 48% of cat owners swear their kitties watch TV;
  • 41% have more conversations with their pups than with their partners—and are more likely to tell them their deepest secrets;
  • An average pet parent takes six snaps of his or her pet a week; and
  • 25% blow dry their pet’s fur after a bath.

What’s more, our pets get spoiled during the holidays, a recent Harris Poll of dog and cat owners found, noting that:

  • 64% of owners frequently purchase holiday presents for their pet(s);
  • 45% regularly buy their pet(s) gifts; and
  • 45% buy birthday presents for their pets.

Finally, pet spending is growing in new areas that include organic pet foods, home delivery boxes, and technology and communication devices, so we can provide our beloved pets with the very best. Obviously, it’s a dog’s (or cat’s) life—and we’re all a little happier for the phenomenon.

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