International incident: Bear cub denied entry at Canadian border

November 9, 2020

A traveler from the United States learned a hard lesson this week, having been denied entry into Canada when he was unable to produce any travel documents or identification, Fox News reports.

.Without the proper paperwork, authorities with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) were forced to restrict the traveler’s access.

“A traveler sought entry for essential reasons, but had no travel documents,” the agency posted on Twitter a

The Canadian Border Services Agency posted photos on Twitter of a cute traveler that had to be turned away.

bout the event, adding, “After a forceful attempt on its part to cross the border, our officers moved quickly to apprehend and transfer it to the Smither’s #NorthernLightsWildlifeSociety for the winter.”

Photos from the incident show the traveler, perhaps agitated, presumably trying to intimidate the officers by climbing a signpost and staring them down. The tiny American then attempted to break into a secure booth where officers with the CBSA’s Pacific Region were stationed.

The Border Services Agency used this incident as an opportunity to remind U.S. residents that travel to Canada for non-essential reasons is now prohibited at all ports of entry amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Unless exempted, if you do not have a non-discretionary (essential) reason to travel to Canada, a border services officer will deny you entry,” the current guidelines state.

Travelers seeking to enter the country from the U.S. for essential reasons, however, must bring proper identification and valid travel documents. Visitors must also have a plan to quarantine for 14 days

(unless otherwise exempt) and confirm that they are not presenting COVID-19 symptoms.

Research contact: @FoxNews

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