Ingraham’s departed sponsors see little blowback, while fallout hits Fox

April 4, 2018

Early data show the Fox News Channel brand sustaining greater financial losses—as well as damage in consumer perception—than any advertiser currently boycotting host Laura Ingraham’s television show, according to findings of a YouGov BrandIndex released on April 2.

Since advertisers began pulling out of The Ingraham Angle following the host’s incendiary tweets on March 28 about Parkland, Florida, shooting survivor David Hogg, nine of them have seen negligible movement in their Buzz Scores. What’s more, several have improved in their ratings—as follows:

  1. Progressive (previous score as of March 29: 10.7/current score as of April 1: 11.7);
  2. Office Depots (8.1/8.9);
  3. TripAdvisor (7.4/8.1);
  4. Johnson & Johnson (6.0/6.4);
  5. Expedia (6.7/7.0);
  6. Liberty Mutual (11.1/11.1);
  7. Ruby Tuesday (5.9/5.6)
  8. Hulu (14.3/13.9)
  9. Jos A Bank (4.6/4.2);
  10. Fox News Channel (-3.4/-6.89)

Hogg had immediately listed the names of Ingraham’s sponsors on his own Twitter account after her tweeted taunts—urging activists to call the advertisers and tell them to stop doing business with the Fox bully.

Of all of the brands, Fox News Channel’s Buzz Score dipped the most during the first days following the advertisers’ exodus, with more consumers hearing negative things than positive—indicating that the network could suffer from the controversy.

What’s more, advertisers continued to decamp, even as the host announced that she would take a one-week vacation and tweeted her apologies to Hogg on March 29, in an effort to stop the bleeding.

A Fox spokesperson stated that Ingraham’s time off had been previously planned.

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