Infrared photos capture breathtaking views of France in cotton-candy pink hues

February 9, 2022

Infrared photographer Paolo Pettigiani transformed a recent road trip across France into a three-week photographic adventure. From Provence to Normandy, to the Palace of Versailles, Pettigiani invites viewers to experience France in a way that’s new and fresh.

The work is an expansion of his Infraland project, which has been ongoing since 2015, reports My Modern Met.

For Infraland, the Italian photographer uses a converted full-spectrum camera to capture the unseen electromagnetic radiation of infrared light. From New York to the Italian Dolomites, he has continued to wow fans with the cotton-candy hues of these photos.

And his infrared images of France are no exception, as viewed on the website of My Modern Met. Standouts include a heart-shaped tree in Provence, which appears bright re;, and the iconic cliffs of Normandy.

Places like Normandy, which are so instantly recognizable, take on a new dimension under the infrared lens. Similarly, the historic gardens of Versailles are transformed with pink shrubs and icy blue water.

Pettigiani also captured Mont-Saint-Michel (above), a medieval island just off the coast of Normandy. In his photos, the Gothic abbey soars into the air like a pink cake topper on a birthday cake.

Pettigiani ended his time in Brittany, France’s most northwestern region. “The coast is very beautiful, with a perfect mix of white sandy beaches suitable for swimming, attractive rocky coves and pools to explore, and dramatic cliffs and rock formations to enjoy,” he writes. And indeed, his infrared photography plays out this description, with slightly different colors giving a dramatic feel to the environment.

This fresh take on a classic road trip is just another reason why Pettigiani’s ongoing project is so successful. We can’t wait to see where he goes next.

Research contact: @mymodernmet