Hydrow welcomes new celebrity investors Kevin Hart, Lizzo, Aaron Rodgers, Justin Timberlake

September 22, 2021

Hydrow, a leading at-home connected rower that brings the on-water experience of rowing straight to the customer’s home, has announced investments from celebrities including Lizzo, Aaron Rodgers, Justin Timberlake, Whitney Cummings, Travis Kelce, and Kevin Hart, as well as retail partner Fabletics.

An early adopter turned investor, Hart was named creative director last October and has since been providing innovative ideas across the Boston-based business, including working out alongside Hydrow’s athletes and community, the company says in a news release.

“I invested in Hydrow because, pound for pound, there’s no better workout out there than rowing,” said Hart, adding, “I signed on as creative director because I truly believe in this machine’s potential to change people’s lives. You’re getting so much more than a workout each time you strap in. You’re shifting your mindset, and that’s a powerful thing.”

With almost $200 million in cumulative funding secured, this latest round of celebrity backing cements Hydrow’s position as a leader in the rapidly growing wellness space and will embolden the company to continue to redefine at-home fitness.

The capital will help fuel additional innovation and global expansion to make the sport of rowing more accessible to everyone. The announcement is underscored by the continued momentum the company gained last year, with sales skyrocketing 500%.

“It is an honor to have some of the most well-regarded names in music, sports and entertainment support our crew as we strive to enhance our members’ lives through the shared experience of rowing,” said Bruce Smith, founder & CEO of Hydrow.

“As we continue to focus on positioning rowing as an accessible and mainstream lifestyle choice, we are excited to join forces with these exceptional people who each offer unique experiences and insights to help us in achieving this goal.”

The company’s highly immersive full-body workouts engage 86% of the body’s major muscle groups, twice that of cycling or running, Hydrow claims, Currently the company offers nearly 3,000 live and on-demand workout, led by world-class athletes, Olympians and Paralympians, which transport users to waterways around the world, with locales including London, Lucerne, Miami, Boston and more.

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