High ‘spirits,’ high costs on Halloween: Americans spent nearly $200 this year

November 1, 2018

It’s Halloween and–whether you are offering treats or asking for them—chances are that you are spending a scary amount on the holiday. In fact, the average American footed the bill for about $185.50 worth of costumes, candy, and decorations this year—up from $169.81 in 2017, according to a study by the online financial marketplace, LendEDU.

After polling about 1,000 celebrants nationwide, the site found that we spend the most on candy for the first holiday of the season. Indeed, candy accounts for 41%—or $76.05—of total Halloween expenses.

The second largest expenditure is on costumes—which accounted for 36% of the total budget, or $66.78. Even masks can be expensive. While a Hooded Scary Jack-o’-Lantern Mask is just $9.99 at Party City, an Adult Oversized Comb-Over Presidential Mask is $99.99.

Finally, decorations account for 23%— or $42.67—of the money we ante up. They are big at parties and some folks truly transform their dwellings into haunted houses straight out of Transylvania. An Animated Snapping Zombie Hand is just $25 on Amazon; a set of Bloody Footprints is $9.99. 

The study was conducted by Pollfish. Respondents were screened to ensure that they were planning on celebrating Halloween.

Research contact: brown@lendedu.com

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