Here’s how to apply for ‘The Golden Bachelor’ (or ‘Bachelorette’)

February 6, 2024

ABC’s first season of The Golden Bachelor wasn’t just a ratings success; but a romantic one, too—with Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist saying “I do” at a in January. As Theresa told Bustle, it was “the right thing” to televise their vows because they saw how much of an impact their love story had on viewers at home.

One young fan was moved to see the couple looking for love after loss, because her parent had been through the same thing. “She called her mom that night, and they were crying on the phone,” Theresa recalled.

Maybe you have a similar story—a parent, friend, or loved one who is single but open to finding his or her own Golden relationship. Fortunately, you can help them do that!

While another season of The Golden Bachelor—or a debut of The Golden Bachelorette—has not been officially announced, has a casting page for “senior men and women looking for love.” And the franchise seems to be actively recruiting, with the application noting that production is scheduled for this summer.

Here’s how to apply for The Golden Bachelor and Bachelorette:

On the Golden casting page, there’s no separate application for men or women—so moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and anyone you think qualifies can do so on the same form, which can be found here. Prospective candidates should fill it out on their own, ABC notes. But there’s also a way to nominate someone. (More on that later!)

The application asks, “Are you ready to get married if you met the next love of your life today?” If yes, the applicant will then begin answering biographical questions—like what they do (or did) for work, their net worth, and their family and relationship history.

There also are longer questions about relationship dealbreakers, what’s on your bucket list, and obstacles you’ve overcome. In addition, the application asks male applicants, specifically, whether they watched The Golden Bachelor—and, if so, which of the women they were most attracted to. Hmm!

Each applicant must send in photos of himself or herself, as well as of his or her home.

Finally, another way to be cast on The Golden Bachelor or Bachelorette is to be nominated by someone. If you think someone you know fits the bill, you can fill out this form to let the casting team know! This form isn’t quite as involved, and asks for some basic biographical info and photos.

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