Herd of calves ‘moooooves’ down U.S. 35 in Mill Township, Indiana, stampede

February 12, 2021

A herd of more than 65 cows was caught on camera last Saturday—on the lam—and galloping down the roads of northwest Indiana, The South Bend Tribue reports.

The group of Holstein calves had bolted from a farm near U.S. 35 and County Road 500 South in Mill Township, about 65 miles northwest of Indianapolis, according to the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office.

An off-duty deputy spotted the “high-energy” stampede in his patrol car and drove ahead of the herd to warn oncoming traffic, the office said.

Officers, firefighters, onlookers, and the bovines’ owners corralled a small group of calves near a fenced area before eventually rounding up the remaining ones in a field.

Capt. Derek Allen told The Southbend Tribune that all the cows were accounted for, and no humans—or cows—is reminiscent of echoes other animal escapes in the past year: In September, a deputy with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office spotted a tiger wandering the roads in Tennessee. And in May, a herd of nearly 200 goats broke the boards of an  of an electric fence and took over East San Jose streets.

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