Headspace is partnering with Oura

Octrober 11, 2023

Over the years, Headspace has transformed from purely a meditation app to a platform that has become synonymous with empowering the value of mental health well-being. Now, the company wants to get even more up-close and personal, reports Forbes.

On Tuesday, October 10, at HLTH 2023—a meeting focused on health information and transformation, held in Las Vegas, October 8-11—the company announced that it will be partnering with Oura, the developer of the “smart ring” health and activity tracker, to further Headspace’s mission to revolutionize mental health wellness.

Oura’s smart ring provides a robust user experience—helping track sleep metrics, oxygen saturation, heart rate, and numerous other advanced functional metrics.

Concurrent with the Headspace announcement, Oura stated that it would be launching its “Daytime Stress” feature, which will help users identify specific stress triggers via constant monitoring of changes in heart rate and temperature by the ring. With more frequent capturing of this information, users can more closely find out what triggers their anxiety to help better manage and mitigate sources of stress.

This is where Headspace steps in. After being alerted to a high stress situation, Oura users will now be able to access stress-focused Headspace content such as guided meditations, breathing exercises, and muscle relaxation techniques. This will provide users with tactical measures to counteract stress and enable actual, tangible ways to overcome the specific trigger.

Russell Glass, CEO of Headspace, explains that Headspace’s mission is to provide every single person with access to comprehensive mental health wellness services. He also explains that the company is incredibly mindful about how it creates content for users: “Headspace’s approach to creating great content is to think really deeply about the user experience. We realize that great content leads to great engagement, and great engagement leads to great outcomes.” This vision to ultimately drive better mental health outcomes is the company’s primary goal, Glass says.

Through the partnership with Oura, Headspace is trying to empower users with real-time, actionable insights and methods by which they can better manage their mental health.

What’s more, the company announced last month that it would soon be partnering with Meta to launch its content on the Quest 3 virtual reality headset as yet another means by which patients can access the platform.

Research contact: @Forbes