Halloween night challenge: Play Simon with the multicolored lights on the Empire State Building

November 2, 2020

They have announced ESB Simon—a Halloween challenge that will bring fans of the building together to play Hasbro’s fast-paced electronic memory game using the ESB’s world-famous tower lights.

In addition to the annual spooky lighting the ESB features; this year , you’ll see the building light up with increasingly complex dynamic patterns in the game’s signature blue, green, yellow, and red. Players can vie to get their name on the live game leaderboard—and achieve ultimate bragging rights.

Up to 100,000 people can play at once, and the game will be live on the building from 8 p.m. until 9 p.m.

How to play:

  • If you are in New York or New Jersey, look out your window—or find your favorite (socially-distanced) view of ESB and open Simon-Live.com on your smart
  • phone. Click on the “let’s play” button and wait for a live game to start.
  • Not local? You still can access the site to play along on your phone.
  • Watch levels of the Empire State Building flash in a series of colors and tones. Tap the Building on your device to repeat the pattern correctly. The longer you play, the more complex the sequences. Make a mistake? No problem! You can keep playing until the game is over.
  • For every correct answer, players climb farther up the Empire State Building. Each wrong answer knocks you down. Try to make it to the top of the Building and the top of the leaderboard!

Need to brush up on your memory skills? The site,  www.Simon-Live.com will launch Infinite Play mode on October 30 to provide players the chance to practice ahead of the big event on Halloween night. Challenge your friends and family to a friendly game to see where you rank. Infinite Play mode is available any time a live show is not running.  But be careful! In Infinite Play mode, one wrong answer and your game is over.

“The Empire State Building is always looking for new ways to have our fans interact with us. This Halloween, we are excited to share a fun way to engage with not only locals with a view of the tower, but with people across the world,” said Jean-Yves Ghazi, President of the Observatory. “While Halloween may look different this year, ESB SIMON® will be a bright light in an otherwise spooky [world].”

Research contact: @ESBcolor

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