Google Maps user finds 4,000-year-old desert ghost town that once was home to thousands

February 23, 2022

An eagle-eyed Reddit user has discovered an abandoned city on Google Maps—once the bustling home of over 65,000 people and now taken over by the desert sands of Iraq, reports the Daily Star UK.

The social media user, known as u/mystery_unrolles, shared several aerial images of the historical city of Ur—showing huge buildings peeking out of the sands of modern-day Iraq that have taken back the land.

The Redditor noted: “City of Uru/Ur, founded in 20th century BCE [Before Common Era, 4,000 years ago]. At that time, it was the most populous city with 65,000 inhabitants.”

He or she added that the site is located at 30°57′42″N 46°06′18″E—and that the city isn’t the oldest around.

Indeed, the observant Google Mapper said, “There are urban cities [that] are older than Ur. [Mohenjo-Daro] of Indus valley civilization was founded 4,500 years ago (most likely).”

According to Britannica, the district in southern Mesopotamia, which is now classified as southern Iraq, was once situated on the former Euphrates River and remains one of the oldest cities in the area.

Settlers arrived sometime in the 4th millennium BC and Ur was once a capital city before its decline.

It is mentioned in the Bible as Ur of the Chaldees and is believed to be the early home of Hebrew patriarch Abraham (circa 2000 BC).

Research contact: @dailystar