‘Friends’ and ‘Simpsons’ are tops among Thanksgiving reruns

November 18, 2017

While most Americans associate Thanksgiving Day not just with turkey, but with football, the TV networks do their best to garner ratings by featuring holiday-themed shows in the lead-up to November 25; and they run gobbler-themed reruns after the games. A poll conducted a few weeks ago by Civic Science has found that the most memorable—and infamous—Thanksgiving celebrations on TV, ever, took place during two episodes of very different sitcoms.

“Who would have thought that Friends and The Simpsons would … be discussed in the same sentence, or would be competing in any way?” Civic Science Researcher Jordan Star commented, adding, “And yet, they’re neck and neck.”

Indeed, he revealed that 23% of respondents chose a Thanksgiving episode of The Simpsons as the best ever, while Friends came in a close second at 22%. Star did not mention the specific episodes that won viewers over.

The next two winners also looked at the celebration in an hilarious way: Modern Family and Seinfeld. These two shows also are almost tied, with Modern Family leading by only 1%.

In addition, Star said, “I was seriously excited that the infamous Cheers episode right after I watched anything remotely scary so that I wouldn’t have nightmares. It’s just one of those momentous feel-good shows.

Other unexpected—and slightly weird —insights, which the Civic Science poll found, include:

  • People who answer The Simpsons are more likely to buy organic food;
  • People who answer The Simpsons are more likely to be fans of TV documentaries;
  • People who answer Modern Family are more likely to subscribe to T-Mobile;
  • People who answer Modern Family are more likely to live in a city; and
  • People who answer Seinfeld are more likely to be outgoing and enthusiastic in social situations.

So open that zipper, lean back and enjoy your favorite reruns when turkey and game-time are over.

Research contact: jordan@civicscience.com

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