First 3D-printed home in USA becomes owner-occupied on December 21

December 22, 2021

One state is making a step toward the future of housing on Tuesday, December 21—unveiling the first 3D-printed home to be owner-occupied in the United States, reports The Hill.

Alquist 3D—a one-year-old Stanton-Iowa-based house printing company focused on addressing the rural housing crisis by producing affordable homes—partnered with the nonprofit organization, Habitat for Humanity, to create a 3D-printed home in Williamsburg, Virginia., that now has been revealed to its new owner, April Stringfield and her son.

“Alquist’s 3D-printing technology accelerates both the home-design and construction process, allowing a home to be built in days instead of weeks,” the company said. “It’s something to see.”

Since April 2020, the cost of lumber has surged more than 300%, Alquist says—creating material shortages and prolonging the construction process. Alquist 3D uses a patented concrete mix to cut down on the need for lumber.

The company will also be providing Stringfield with her own 3D printer to help her with any quick home repairs or remodeling efforts.

The company hopes to continue to use its 3D technology in rural areas affected by the housing crisis to “focus on reviving those communities.”

Research contact: @thehill