Few Americans know much about Middle East crisis

December 14, 2017

Fewer than 20% of U.S. adults really understand the situation in the Middle East, based on results of a YouGov Omnibus poll taken after President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on December 6.

Overall, 19% say they are very knowledgeable about the international situation; 13% say they are not informed at all and most fall somewhere in between.

Out of 7,244 respondents quested on December 8, twice as many men (26%) as women (13%) considered themselves to be very familiar with the Middle East crisis. Another 16% of women said they don’t consider themselves to be knowledgeable at all, while 9% of men said the same.

In addition, income was a dividing factor among respondents. Twenty-nine percent of respondents who earn at least $80k said they were very knowledgeable, while the same was true for only 15% of those who said they made under $40k.

Research contact: Gregory.McCarriston@yougov.com

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