Felines pose for portraits that are full of playful purrsonality

December 1, 2022

Cats are often seen as aloof, but if you spend any length of time with them you’ll know they are full of purrsonality. Self-proclaimed catographer Nils Jacobi offers a multifaceted look at felines through his growing portfolio of over 10,000 cat pictures. The images run the gamut from distinguished to silly and show all sides of fabulous felines, reports My Modern Met.


Some of the kitties have luxurious long fur (like Maine Coon cats), while others are shorthairs with a penchant for sticking out their tongues. “I love taking pictures of cats in action and funny portraits with unique facial expressions,” Jacobi tells My Modern Met.


His photos are polished and stylish, and he’s parlayed a love for felines into prolific commercial work for magazines and advertising in the pet industry.


Despite his love for cats and a large social media following, cats were not his first subjects when Jacobi started his photography career. He began taking pictures of people in 2011, but saw that his candid kitty photos got more buzz online and decided to focus his efforts there.


It’s a great deal for all involved; Jacobi prefers to work with animals over human models, and we get to enjoy his seemingly endless portfolio of cat content.


Research contact: @mymodernmet