Fatou, the world’s oldest gorilla, celebrates her 65th birthday with cake

April 15, 2022

The world’s oldest gorilla just turned 65 and Zoo Berlin pulled out all the stops to celebrate the life milestone achieved by Fatou—the western lowland gorilla that first arrived at its facility in 1959 at the age of two, reports Fox News.

Fatou’s age, however, is approximate since she arrived at Zoo Berlin “through strange circumstances” that involved a sailor trading her in exchange for a stay at a French inn.

The zoo celebrated Fatou’s 65th birthday with a “cozy coffee party” on Wednesday, April 13, and her handlers made sure to serve her a rice cake that had been decorated with fruit.

“Fatou is almost something of a living legend,” a spokesperson for Zoo Berlin wrote in an email to Fox News Digital, adding, “Not only in Berlin, but also beyond the borders of Europe, she has a large fan community that regularly enquires about the condition of the senior gorilla.”

Research contact: @FoxNews