Exquisite embroideries on transparent fabric transport you to the forest floor

April 7, 2022

Artist Sew Beautiful brings the beauty of the outdoors home through her embroidery. Using colorful thread and a lot of the French knot stitch, the UK-based creative depicts nature scenes featuring tall timber full of leaves as well as bountiful fields of blooms, reports My Modern Met.

 Contained in circular hoops, each frame offers a picture-window view into a lovely landscape. Indeed, if you love nature, Sew Beautiful’s pieces provide a welcome visual escape.

 Some of Sew Beautiful’s most striking pieces feature the use of organza, a transparent fabric that can make stitches look as though they’re floating. This is exemplified through pieces in which we’re looking up at the treetops from a grounded point of view.

 The inspiration for these types of works came from being outdoors. “I love to embroider nature, trees, flowers, and animals, especially capturing breathtaking scenery,” Sew Beautiful tells My Modern Met.

 “Living in the English countryside, I am surrounded by nature. During one of my nature walks, I found myself looking up at the trees and how the sun shone through. I knew I needed to capture this on an organza hoop to mirror my vision.”

 Sew Beautiful sells her work on Etsy.

 Research contact: @mymodernmet