Escape from masks and lockdowns by applying for a job on this COVID-free island off the UK coast

December 18, 2020

If you wouldn’t mind leaving behind all talk of social distancing, masks, and lockdowns, you might want to apply for a job as a volunteer warden on Lundy Island—an unspoiled getaway that sits off the north coast of Devon, England, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the British Channel.

According to a report by Metro, the hunt is on for five wardens to help with conservation and land management. Although the jobs are unpaid, they do offer free lodging.

Such positions often are filled by students on their gap years, or those who have just finished university—but they are open to anyone who is interested. No qualifications are required—but you will need to be “ … of a hardy nature,” according to the help wanted advertisement, as working days can be “long and in a range of weather conditions.”

The ad on Facebook reads:

“Looking to gain experience in conservation? Want to get away from the busy mainland and experience living on a small isolated island? Want to surround yourself with breathtaking land and seascapes, interesting and thoughtful people and a wide range of fascinating and beautiful plants and animals?

“Well then why not apply to volunteer on the wonderful island of Lundy? The roles on offer on the three-mile-long island are two volunteer assistant wardens for the seabirds, between April and July, two for the Atlantic Grey Seals, between July and September, and one volunteer assistant ranger between April and October. The roles will be varied, but will primarily involve monitoring the island’s wildlife, including seabirds and seals. The successful candidate will also help out the warden team with the various monitoring efforts and general island duties.

“It will also involve monitoring butterfly transects, moth trapping and helping out the ranger team with practical management tasks such as Rhododendron seedling searches, dry stone walling, etc,’ says the job advert.

“Involvement in more general island duties such as helping in the island recycling plant, housekeeping and visitor engagement will also be required.

The closing date for applicants is February 5, 2021, with all interviews to be held the week later.

Research contact: @MetroUK

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