Erewhon’s selling a ‘sunscreen’ smoothie because it’s summer and we’ll pay for it

June 6, 2024

What does summer taste like? For some, it brings to mind watermelon or burgers on the grill. For others, it’s the taste of boardwalk ice cream. For Erewhon Market, the upscale specialty supermarket chain in Los Angeles, it tastes like sunscreen, apparently, reports Fast Company.

In a marketing partnership that doubles as a millennial Angeleno’s dream come true, Erewhon has partnered with Vacation, a sunscreen brand, for a special Vacation “Sunscreen” Smoothie.

Thankfully, its ingredient list doesn’t include any chemical UV blockers. Instead, i. The smoothie’s ingredient list includes organic coconut milk, organic coconut water, coconut soft serve, organic coconut meat, organic coconut whipped cream, organic banana, blue spirulina (an edible algae), Erewhon scratch vanilla, aloe, and sea salt.

It’s not that far off from the coconut oil, aloe vera, and banana extract used to build out the scent of Vacation’s classic lotion.

Priced at $9, the 12-ounce smoothie is more expensive than a typical 12-ounce tall beverage at Starbucks, but it’s relatively cheap for Erewhon, which is known for pricey items like a $20 gallon of raw whole milk.

Vacation was launched in 2021 by Poolsuite, an Internet radio station—and the brand says its signature sunscreen scent was developed with Arquiste Parfumeur, which also has developed scents for the likes of J.Crew and St. Regis Hotels & Resorts.

Vacation has parlayed its signature scent into an expanded business that goes well beyond sunscreen, body oil, and, now, smoothies. The brand also has partnered with Prince on a candle and air freshener that smells like tennis balls, and with Arizona Iced Tea on lip balm.

Research contact: @FastCompany