Entire shipment of Pittsburgh Penguins bobbleheads stolen; feds investigating cargo theft

March 15, 2024

On Thursday, March 14, the Pittsburgh Penguins cancelled their promotional giveaway of Jaromir Jagr bobbleheads after someone skated away with the highly prized souvenirs, reports NBC News.

Fans had been set to receive bobbleheads at the Pens game against the San Jose Sharks at PPG Paints Arena on Thursday night, but those plans had to be put on ice as local and federal authorities investigate.

“The Pittsburgh Penguins announced today that the shipment carrying the Jaromir Jagr bobbleheads for tonight’s game against the San Jose Sharks has been stolen after its arrival in California,” according to a team statement.

“As a result, the bobbleheads are not in Pittsburgh and will not be distributed at tonight’s game, but will be distributed at a later date,” the team said.

The 52-year-old Jagr—who played 11 seasons in Pittsburgh and lifted the Stanley Cup in 1991 and 1992—will still be in attendance at tonight’s game against the Sharks.

“We were shocked to be a victim of cargo theft, and we are working closely with local and federal authorities on the investigation” President of Business Operations Kevin Acklin said in the statement.

“While this unfortunate incident adds to the legend of Jaromir Jagr, who will be in attendance as our guest  at tonight’s game, we look forward to resolving this theft and delivering the prized Jagr bobbleheads t  their rightful homes, with our fans.”

Fans at Thursday’s game will be given a voucher that’ll be exchanged for a Jagr bobblehead once they’re in stock again, the team said.

The NHL in 2017 named Jagr one of the sport’s 100 greatest players of all-time. In his 24-season NHL career, Jagr scored 766 goals, 439 of them while donning a Pens sweater.

Research contact: @NBCNews