Ed Sheeran and Kraft Heinz release new Tingly Ted’s hot sauce

February 23, 2023

British singer Ed Sheeran is taking a dip into the condiment business. He and Kraft Heinz announced the launch of Tingly Ted’s hot sauce on Tuesday, February 21—the sauce, a collaboration between the brand and the award-winning recording artist, reports Fox Business.

Sheeran, a self-proclaimed sauce fanatic, according to a press release, sought out Kraft Heinz to bring his “ultimate” hot sauce dreams to life. The dream: to create the “ketchup” of hot sauces.

“I love sauces, that’s no secret,” Sheeran wrote in a statement provided to Fox Business, adding, “But the older I’ve got, the more I love and need spice with every single meal. I travel a lot, so having a bottle in my suitcase wherever I go that can spice up any and every meal seemed like a good idea.”

Sheeran explained that he didn’t want to develop a “watery hot sauce,” since the other products “usually all get relegated to the same shelf of other random hot sauces.”

“I wanted to make a sauce that took the same pride of place as ketchup,” he said.

The “Thinking Out Loud” singer said he spent a year “whittling down” his perfect flavors alongside a “great mixing team.”

“And we settled on two absolute belters,” he said.

These include “Tingly” and “Xtra Tingly” hot sauce flavors, made using red jalapenos and capsicum chilies. The hot sauces also feature lemon notes, a smoky flavor, and a mix of herbs and spices, according to the brand.

“I’ve had them on tour with me recently to try them with all sorts of meals, and there really isn’t anything they don’t go with—except bananas, don’t do that,” Sheeran advised.

“I’m so excited to bring this product out; it’s genuinely something I use every day on all three meals,” he said. “I hope you love them as much as I do.”

Rafael Oliveira, EVP and president of International Markets at Kraft Heinz, said in a statement that it’s “rare to find someone who is as passionate about sauces as we are. And it’s no secret Ed is already one of the biggest Heinz Tomato Ketchup fans you can find,” he said. “So when we heard he wanted to make his own hot sauce, we, of course, wanted in.”

Oliveira added, “We invited Ed to collaborate and moved quickly to develop a recipe that brought his vision to life—delivering a prototype within just five weeks. The rest is history.”

Sheeran’s childhood nickname, Teddy—is the latest insight-led innovation from Kraft Heinz on the path toward growing its global “Taste Elevation” platform.

Kraft Heinz expects its hot sauce category to swell at a rate of 6.3% to $5.4 billion by 2027, according to the company.

“Here we are with a delicious addition to our Taste Elevation platform, which is all about enhancing food with great flavor,” Oliveira said. “We can’t wait for people to try it.”

Tingly Ted’s hot sauce is now available for pre-order at tinglyteds.com.

Research contact: @FoxBusiness