Easy as pie? Baker creates intricate ‘narrative pies’ embellished with tasteful stories

December 23, 2020

Liz Joy-Murray—the art director at the Los Angeles-based confectionery and bakery, Inspired to Taste— is the first to admit that her spectacular “narrative pies,” which feature baked-in scenes from book and movies such as Peter Pan, Little Red Riding Hood, and A League of Their Own, look almost too good to eat, People magazine reported recently.

But “everything I use is completely edible and safe,” the self-described “sugar artist” told the magazine.

Joy-Murray, a former Hollywood art director, left the movie business five years ago to start experimenting with her edible designs. She immediately was hooked: “Once I started brainstorming designs,” she told People, “I realized pies are an unexpected medium for storytelling.

Although she is prolific, she does have her favorites among all of the fanciful designs. “The most special pies for me are the ones I create for my dad, highlighting his childhood stories in Honduras,” she explained. “I have so much fun dreaming up all sorts of designs.”

And for all of those amateur home bakers who have started making bread, cookies, and other treats during the pandemic, Murray now serves as an inspiration. The People story is posted on her Instagram site, along with samples of her most fanciful (and delicious) designs.

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